We’ve been designing and producing flexible performance hydration systems since 2001. Our mission is to create better hydration solutions for performance-driven people.

Our customers are athletes, adventurers and hunters and are driven by the same mindset. Pedal further. Run faster. Hunt for longer. Wherever you endeavour to go, we’re there to make sure you stay hydrated every step of the way, and we strive to be the least of your worries out in the field or on the road. We believe in performance-driven design, and our gear is the essence of functional performance.

Details matter and we spend thousands of hours considering every single one. Our industry-leading technology is demonstrated through features such as our reversible bladders, slide-seal closures, removable baffles and roll-up-when-finished bottles. We use incredibly strong, resilient and safe Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) to make our products and are experts in radio-frequency welding which creates welds with longevity and lack of creases to inhibit bacteria growth. 

Our reputation has been earned on dusty desert trails and frigid mountain peaks, and through partnerships with leading brands like Salomon and Osprey, Patagonia and Katadyn. We don’t simply manufacture for our brand partners; we collaborate with them during design and testing phases, so their finished products perform beyond expectations.

We innovate and then engineer our gear to be a reliable platform, so you don’t need to think about hydration – it’s just there when you need it. And with our Beyond Lifetime Warranty, it always will be.