product care

Product Care

Cleaning your reservoir

Keeping your reservoir clean is key to prolonging its life and keeping your water tasting fresh. HydraPak reservoirs are top-shelf dishwasher safe and most are fully reversible, which makes cleaning and drying a breeze.

Reverse by placing your hand in the reservoir, grab the bottom, and pull it back through the top opening, just like turning a sock inside-out. The moulded opening can also be flipped after the reservoir body has been reversed. Then, throw it in the dishwasher or rinse with mild soap and water. Make sure to let the reservoir dry out completely while reversed.

Method One – Fill your reservoir with warm water and use a bottle brush along with mild soap to scrub it clean. Rinse well and hang it upside down to dry.

Method Two – Fill your reservoir with warm water and drop in one or two Bottle Bright tablets, slide the top close and let sit for fifteen to thirty minutes (depending on the amount of residue). Rinse and hang upside down to dry.


 All of our components are removable for easy cleaning:

  1. Disconnect the drink tube from the reservoir
  2. Grasp the bite valve in one hand and tube in the other then pull the valve firmly to remove the bite valve from the tube
  3. Gently remove the silicone sheath from the valve and clean with Bottle Bright or mild soap and water
  4. Clean the inside of the tube by inserting the Hydrapak Tube Brush in the open end of the tube and scrub
  5. After drying the components, carefully reattach the sheath to the valve and re-install
My slider top is difficult to move - what can I do?

There are two methods for improving the operation of the slider top for your HydraPak reservoir: 

  1. Avoid filling the reservoir above the maximum fill line.If you over-fill the reservoir, it will create pressure on it, making the top harder to operate. If you leave some room, the pressure is reduced making the slider operate more easily. 
  2. Apply some food-safe lubricant to the tracks of the reservoir.We recommend silicone, glycerin, or beeswax. Don’t use oil-based lubricants, as they can make your system sticky, which makes the slider more difficult to operate. Smear a small amount on the tracks and it will make the slider action much smoother. 
Lubrication for your Plug-N-Play™ connect system

The Plug-N-Play™ connect system needs a little bit of care to keep your adventure going. We recommend that silicone, glycerin, or beeswax-based lubricants be applied to the o-ring on the hose end fitting. Just apply a small smear on the o-ring – a little goes a long way! Do not use petroleum-based lubricants, or olive oil, coconut oil, or any other types of cooking oil as they cause the seal to swell, and will make the system sticky and hard to release.